TeleForm Version 11.1 Released
Special Pricing - - - Prior Version Upgrades and Support Renewals

Digital Vision
2024 St. Johnís Ave.
Unit 201
Highland Park, IL  60035
847.433.7530 main
847.433.7535 fax

Multi-Year Presidents Club

 Digital Vision's training and development services have enabled many TeleForm customers to make optimum use of their powerful and complete information capture solution.

  Customized Training   Designed to bring a new hire up to speed quickly, to meet a critical project deadline, to train on Version 10, or for any circumstance. We offer on-site, customized course content training for any Teleform subject.

  Forms Design Our experience yields professionally developed traditional, versiform and initialization of your existing forms.

   Visual Basic Validations   Visual Basic (VBA) provides extensive validations, look-ups and calculations to assure data is correct before export.

   Visual Basic Exports   Visual Basic (VBA) can provide exported data in the record formats necessary for import to nearly every database and computer application.

   Outsource Scanning We will rapidly production scan your documents using Kodak top-end scanners and Kofax VRS image enhancement technology. We will generate clean, clear, efficient images for Teleform Reader processing. After electronic capture, we can provide your with PDF, TIF or any image format on your desired media: cloud storage, cd-rom, dvd, and others.

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